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Southern Missouri Bancorp Makes Announcement

Company Release - 7/1/2005

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 1, 2005--Southern Missouri Bancorp, Inc. ("Company") (Nasdaq:SMBC), the parent corporation of Southern Missouri Bank and Trust Co. ("Bank"), today announced that the Bank discovered there had been an additional adverse development with respect to a previously reported substandard loan, which resulted from allegedly fraudulent activities on the part of a significant borrower. Control over and access to a significant portion of the collateral underlying the loan is now the subject of litigation between the Bank and another financial institution with a non-performing loan to the same borrower. As a result, the Bank increased its provision for loan losses by $1.9 million as of June 28, 2005, or approximately $1.2 million on an after-tax basis. At the same time, the Bank reduced the value of the borrower's loans by $2.4 million. The remaining net loan balance after this write down and the application of the proceeds from the sale of a portion of the collateral securing the loans is approximately $300,000. The remaining collateral, over which the Bank has control or is able to gain control, will be sold at auction as soon as necessary arrangements can be made. To the extent this litigation is settled or resolved in favor of the Bank, a portion of this write down could be recovered. The Company cannot predict whether or to what extent such a recovery may occur.

Forward-Looking Statements

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The Company disclaims any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements based on the occurrence of future events, the receipt of new information, or otherwise.

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